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No Vacancy is committed and dedicated to providing the Best services to all those in need of transportation. We offer wheelchair and ambulatory services, gurney services, and also provide busses for group outings, such as, day program field trips, outings to the beach or harbor, the movies and any where else you may want to go. So whether your wanting to go by yourself or you have a large group we would be happy to take you. Remember, although we are NEMT we don't just provide for those with medical appointments but for everyday needs too! !

Please contact us for a quote. Call the Main office 1-800-79-4-CARE (2273) From 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.  No Vacancy accepts cash and checks.

         NO VACANCY INC.

Disabled & Convalescent Transport

2492 S. Santa Fe Street, #A
Vista, CA 92084

Tel: 760-471-5346   Fax: 760-471-1370

No Vacancy is passionate about providing transportation to those in need and has dedicated staff that will work with you to get transportation for almost every budget. Please see below for a list of our services.


Wheelchair Transport

Wheelchair (single)

Wheelchair (multiple)

Wheelchair (group and special event)


Ambulatory Transport

Ambulatory (single)

Ambulatory (multiple)

Ambulatory (group and special event)


Gurney Transport

Gurney (single)


Attendant services

If you have a special medical condition and need some one to sit with you during your trip you may bring your own caregiver or ask No vacancy to provide an attendant. *** Attendants are required by law when transporting individuals on gurneys.


Wait time

No Vacancy offers the convenience of a wait time. If you would like us to wait please specify when booking transport.


Single or multiple stops

In addition to our one way and roundtrip transport riders may also choose to make other stops on their trip please specify when booking if this applies to you.

NO VACANCY IS A DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE. We are always happy to help you or your loved ones from the house to the vehicle. If you or your loved one has special needs please let us know so that we will be able to accommodate you.